They may often take the back seat when it comes to your home upgrade priorities but letterboxes do create wonders in terms of increasing your home’s curb appeal. Aside from receiving and holding your mails in one place, letterboxes establish the first impression for people who wind up in your neighborhood that’s why it is equally important to make it beautiful, presentable and eloquent.

Here’s a handy guide that will lead you to choosing the right letterbox and how you can maximise its potential in enhancing the beauty of your home.

  1. Adhere to your local post office letterbox standards

Before anything else, check with your local post office what the qualifications for a letterbox are. Different post offices across any locations have varying standards for letterboxes in terms of design and construction, performance requirements as well as positioning and numbering  that must be met legally.

  1. Choose a letterbox design that mirrors the style of your home

When you have undertaken the first step, the next most important thing is to decide on the design or the theme of your letterbox. This step plays an important role in sealing the overall statement of your home. You can pick from a variety of themes and colour palettes and these designs can play anywhere between traditional, contemporary or a combination of both. Just don’t steer too far from the general theme of your home’s style.

For the structural material of your letterbox, you may choose from the most common materials namely brick, metal, wooden and natural stone. It’s also important to consider the style of the letterboxes of your neighbors in deciding for your own to achieve unity.

  1. What letterbox features do you need?

There are different letterboxes with various features. For this reason, it is important (and it will spare you the hassle and added time in choosing the right letterbox) to pin down which features you need exactly. Regardless of design and structural material, just make sure that your letterbox has ample space to prominently display your house number so as to help your postie and visitors to instantly recognise your house.

If you regularly receive magazines, newsletters or large mails, you can go for a letterbox that has a larger mail slot or a special paper holder.

If it helps, always go for a letterbox manufacturer that can walk you through trimming down your options and can flexibly customise their products according to your taste, needs and demands.

Bottomline here is go for the mailbox that speaks for your style without compromising quality and functionality.#