Feng shui is harmonizing everyone and everything with the surrounding environment. Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics or observations of the world around you through formulas, calculations, and design. Feng shui are the “invisible forces” in the architecture that binds the earth and humanity with the universe. It is a way of orienting your environment.

Evaluate your outdoor space to ensure that you are balancing your life. Evaluating the outdoors around includes the simple mailbox or letterbox in front of your home. Keep your outside environment clean. Sweep, wash the sidewalks and paint your mailbox. Take a look around you and see what needs to be cleaned up. It is perfectly legal to paint your mailbox in Melbourne to bring ch’i to your residence. Ch’i goes hand in hand with Feng shui. It is the life force or energy flow around you. It is the breath you take and the air you breathe. Ch’i is the energy in Feng shui.

A beat up or mailbox that is plain and ordinary might be preventing you from receiving good news. A mailbox that is boring, or in terrible condition or hidden can deflect the good energy of well-being that can come to your home. If your mailbox can’t be found easily, positive energy will also have a hard time finding where you live. Check out your mailbox. If it has fallen prey to the elements, clean it up. Paint it in bright colors. Add a decoration to your mailbox that is in keeping with the neighborhood.

By cleaning up and perking up your mailbox, you are also picking up areas of your life. Make sure your finances, the interior of your home or even your social life are in balance. You will be surprised that cleaning up your mailbox will give you the impetus to clean up other parts of your life. An awesome looking mailbox will positively bring you good news.