We are passionate about three things: Australia, Melbourne and concrete letterboxes. Mailboxes may seem like a strange thing to be passionate about, but we began noticing some big problems with the mailboxes used by our friends and neighbours.

Many mailboxes/letterboxes sold in Australia are cheap Chinese imports. They are flimsy, don’t hold up in the weather, are easily damaged or stolen, quickly fade, and have to be replaced far too often.

We decided that people should have proper mailboxes. We committed ourselves to designing a mailbox that:

  • Was too heavy to be stolen
  • Matched the home and didn’t look mass produced
  • Was 100% Australian made
  • Could survive all kinds of Australian weather
  • Could handle some contact during a game of cricket, footy, or basketball without toppling over or denting
  • Had a decent sized mail slot

After making our list of requirements we got to work figuring out how to make the world a better place one mailbox at a time. We decided it wasn’t enough for us just to design a superior mailbox. We wanted to install it as well.

We created a solid concrete mailbox. We didn’t cheat by using additives to make it lighter than it should be. We take are of the installation of the mailbox, saving you the hassle and giving you the confidence that your mailbox will stand the test of time. All the materials and labour for the mailbox comes from right here in Australia. Our mailboxes match your home and are large enough to accommodate your mail. We also managed to do all this while keeping our prices competitive.
We understand that you want your home is one of your largest assets. We want you to be proud of everything about the way your home looks. That’s why we created our solid concrete mailboxes. Think of as part of the neighborhood. We are working hard to make your street a nicer place to be one mailbox at a time. 

For a wide range of Mailboxes in Melbourne including the freestanding letterbox and concrete letterbox varieties, not to mention the ever so popular brick letterboxes look no further than Aussie Made! Your Melbourne letterbox Specialist. Contact us today to get a Free insight consultation.