Mailbox ready

Are you ready for your mailbox to be delivered and installed? Not everybody is in the same situation. Whether it is a new home or an existing home. A variety of different things can delay your mailbox delivery.

  • Are you getting a new driveway? Is it completed? Are we able to drive on the driveway?

  • Are you having landscaping done? Will the landscapers be in the way? Do they have materials in the way?

  • Are you getting a new crossover? As we may need to drive on the crossover.

  • Is your footpath being poured/fixed? Are we able to drive on the footpath?

  • Is there an existing mailbox that needs to be removed? Who is removing the mailbox?

  • Is there a skip on the nature strip?

  • Are we able to drive on the nature strip? Is it muddy? Or are you growing grass? Is there fresh grass seed?

  • Do you have a leaking tap? Or a leaking pipe?

  • Do you have excess soil and/or rubble located where the mailbox is going? This needs to be removed before we come out onsite.

  • Have you marked the position of your mailbox?

  • Can we reverse a vehicle up to the position of the mailbox?

  • Have you had handover of your new home?

It saves us and yourself time and money if you alert us to any of these issues. We understand that other trades can take longer than first quoted. There can be quite a wait for concreters to finish driveways. Or landscapers to finish their work.

At Aussie Made Mailboxes we can delay the delivery and installation until you are ready for your mailbox.

Our fee includes a ONE TIME delivery. We charge extra for re-delivery.